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Linkvana Review, Results and Bonus

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Linkvana Review, Results and Bonus

Despite what Google keeps telling anyone interested in listening, there are way too many "gurus" preaching on-page optimization as the be-all and end-all to high rankings. Understand right now that despite what anyone tells you, the only way to attain and maintain solid rankings for your sites off-page optimization. Make no mistake, the key to top search engine rankings is getting and keeping theme-related, one-way in-bound links! And the more the merrier…

Knowing this is one think. Getting those links is another. In most cases, high quality one way backlinks need to be purchased. AND you must pay for them monthly. Of course, if you stop paying for them, they evaporate and Google hammers your rankings as a result of those links disappearing. The higher the guality link that disappears, the more Google penalizes your rankings. If you decide you’re going to to it alone and try searching for sites to backlink from, you will quickly drown in a sea of low quality article directories and forums all the while begging for a one-way backlink. If you consider yourself an internet marketer, this is the quickest, surest way to the poorhouse.

Here’s Where Linkvana Comes in…

The first thing any marketer needs to understand about LinkVana is that it is not your average link building program for some very special reasons. Here’s a quick summary of those reasons:
1. Linkvana is a one-way link building service that creates high-quality, one-way backlinks from tightly themed blogs on their own network;
2. Linkvana’s network of blogs are all aged, have high PageRank (PR) and get spidered constantly. This translates to your pages getting indexed, and more importantly, ranked quickly;
3. There is absolutely no duplicate content allowed on their sites. None. Zero. Nada. The whole process is totally white-hat and virtually immune from Google’s notorious "sandbox";
4. Since the one-way backlinks are appearing on similarily themed sites to your own, the back links to your site are considered highly relevant and therefore more heavily weighted; and lastly
5. Back links are dripped slowly and steadily into Linkvana’s network. Your backlinking strategy appears natural and human to the search engines.

This is exaclty how Google keeps telling us to build site authority. In fact, this concept of site authority is the backbone of Google’s search algorithm. The guys behind Google simply used an existing system (the way academic types get their work published, reviewed and referenced) and adapted it to the web. The more backlinks (as in votes or refereces) you get, the more authoritative your site and the better it ranks. This process has to be gradual and in most cases, viral. Linkvana does exactly that – it votes for your site on sites that already are considered authoritative.

Linkvana has already established its network of blogs or websites that provide one way back links to your websites. These sites are not just any blogs. You can get one way links that are powerful because these websites also rank well in all the major search engines. In other words, these sites are authority sites. Links from non-authoritative sites are worse than no links at all. In fact, Google penalizes your site if your backlinks appear on spammy, low-quality sites. It is infinitely better to choose a well established network to build your links on. Understand that you can achieve higher rankings by utilizing fewer links as long as those backlinks are on high guality sites. Now, that statement might surprise you but please remember that not all links are created equal, and achieving high rankings is merely a matter of getting enough of the right kinds of links.

Here’s How Linkvana Maximizes Your Productivity

  • Unlimited Links
    There are absolutely no limits on the amount of quality links you acquire from LinkVana. We only ask that the sites you are linking to be of good quality themselves.

  • Auto-Post Promotion
    In the past, when you started a linking campaign using blogs you had to login everyday and post your content because the search engines liked to see your links build up over time. LinkVana takes care of this cumbersome detail. When you submit your posts for a project, our system automatically takes your collection of posts and creates a schedule for on-going promotion. This way your links build up over time without you having to sit there and maintain each project daily.

  • Blog Cycling
    We are constantly in tune with the integrity of each of the websites in our network. When any of them come close to losing any luster based on the factors mentioned above (PageRank, Inbound links, etc), these blogs will be cycled or migrated out of the network ASAP.

  • Network Augmentation
    LinkVana is a highly scalable system, and that is a very good thing because our network grows to the tune of 50-100 blogs a month. We have a steady stream of sites that will be added on a monthly basis, so that our network stays fresh.

  • Blog Segmenting
    Blog Segmenting is a feature that has never been offered to the public before LinkVana. Our network of blogs is huge, and because of this we can break them up into segments (or groups) for many security reasons. The main reason is that you, as an individual LinkVana member, will always have new blogs rotated into your available posting queue because you will be moved to a new segment after a certain number of posts. This keeps your links from being targeted (or defined) to a single set of blogs or IP addresses. This way the LinkVana system can analyze which blog segments are over-performing and in-turn we can optimize all segments for maximum quality and stability. Blog Segmenting is entirely automated and is controlled by the LinkVana system. In addition, every month after 2 months we add another layer of segmenting, where those senior members will acquire additional segments of blogs for every month they’ve been here.

  • Blog Dispersion
    Every site (or domain) that you utilize LinkVana to gain links to will have a good number of posts, as many or as few as you would like. All posts that come into LinkVana for each individual site will be put on a different blog and C Class IP address.

  • Blog Network Security
    Unlike other services, we do not give out the URL’s to our blog network for all the world to see (search engines, your competitors, other LinkVana members, etc). Our motto is "Quality above all" and the only way to maintain that quality is to do our best to keep our network hidden.


Here’s how Linkvana Pays for Itself…

The only thing that would prevent anyone from joining this service is the price. As you may know already, LinkVana costs $147.00 per month. I understand that this is not bus fare. And it does take at least a week for the links to become effective. Maybe even longer. But if you have any kind of monetization on your sites at all, you will make your money back. Guaranteed. Even if you stop paying, your links remain. How can that NOT make you money? Groping about finding backlinks manually is a laborious task that rarely produces decent, measurable results. It takes a lot of time and effort and my time is money. And you know as well as I do that your time is money.


In Conclusion…

LinkVana gets you an unlimited number of the right kinds of links, and that’s an extremely powerful tool to have in your marketin arsenal. It’s why I’m part of their system and it’s the main reason my internet income has shot through the roof. I would recommend that you take the next step to take your internet income to the next level!





Well, that’s pretty much my review. I did some extensive research before actually signing up myself. Here’s a few comments I found helpful by others who’ve also purchased and used this system. Please note that these comments and reviews are courtesy of

"I’m ALREADY seeing results"

By Terry Edwards

I am loving Linkvana. I’ve been working some of my older sites with adding links in the system and I’m ALREADY seeing results. In fact, I’ve went from page 2 to position 6 on page 1 for one very nice keyword in an affiliate niche. And that was with only 8 posts. I see a LOT of potential.


"Obtaining quality backlinks has been the lifeblood of my business"

By Joe Barret

Early on in my online marketing career I was taught by SEO experts like Dave Kelly that off-page optimization has a far greater impact than on-page optimization and this shift in thinking has had a huge impact on my income.

Obtaining quality backlinks has been the lifeblood of my business, however it has always been a time consuming and tedious process.

Dave’s new system not only simplifies the process but it also does a far better job at a fraction of the cost. For years I’ve been paying in excess of $1,500/month for quality backlinks, so I know this works. And now with LinkVana, I’ll be able to put every bit of that money back in my pocket!



By Maria Gudelis

Thank you so much – you are one of the FEW companies out there (and I’ve bought a lot of these services!) that truly 1. Answer my questions extremely fast and simple straightforward explanations 2. Take the ‘tech’ out of it – I’m still struggling with the tech aspects and explanations from one of your competitors….!


"I made my first post in literally 2 minutes"

By Dean Forster

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks as a webmaster is getting good quality links.

LinkVana has made it very easy for me to start new projects and obtain much needed one-way links to my websites. The interface is a breeze to use and I made my first post in literally 2 minutes. You can either save your posts for later editing or submit for queue and scheduled release into the network.

This system is going to save me a ton of time and money with my link building campaigns.





Linkvana Backlinking Bonus

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  2. Email a proof of purchase by Clicking Here.
  3. Once we have confirmed your purchase, we will send you the link to download your bonuses. It doesn’t get any easier then that.

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