Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

10 Tips For Successful One Way Backlink Building

Jason Temple asked:

There are loads of ways to build backlinks. You can spend a lot of time trawling through blogs and expert sites and forums, looking fir all the ways you can try to build backlinks.

The problem is that a lot of these ways involve a significant amount of time, thought and resources, the sort of things a lot of website and small business owners simply do not have.

So I have put together this list of QUICK ways to start the process of building backlinks to your website. It is not comprehensive, but it does include some quick wins, which you can continue to do while to research other ways to build inbound links to your website.

1. Syndicate a press release. These not only build links from the site they were released through, but also may be pickled up by blog writers, industry writers etc.

2. Write articles for sites such as EzineArticles.

3. Submit to premium, relevant directories.

4. Email webmasters in your niche and ask for a link from their site.

5. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers that are relevant to your niche, then you can legitimately include a link to your site.

6. Blog every single day. Link to other relevant blogs in your posts.

7. Submit your blog posts to social media such as Digg and Reddit.

8. Make your site easy to link to, perhaps offer a link page where people can get banners to place on their site.

9. Submit classified to Craigslist.

10. Use a reputable link building resource, such as IBL Builder.


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