Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Back Link Builder Tutorial For Pulling Lots More Web Site Traffic

Analyn Gravoso asked:

It is presumed that a web site’s performance are built up significantly via back links. A back link is also known as a one-way link that points to your web site from a outside source ostensibly independent of your site.

The value of a back link to your web site can be measured by at least two yardsticks. Firstly, the Page Rank of the back link source offers a stamp of authority to the link. Secondly, it is of note that the source of the back link emanates on a theme correlating to the subject or niche of your web site.

Let’s examine a couple of examples.

Page Rank can be a vague creature that generates its value from inside the confines of a Google algorithm. It is understood that the name is coined after Google co-founder Larry Page. However, it is self evident from a mountain of case by case evidence that Page Rank is a function used by Google to calculate a site’s importance. Therefore it is not hard or difficult to comprehend that a back link from a higher Page Ranking source is of greater value than from a lower ranking compliment. Furthermore, receiving a back link from a lesser source to your site is thought to be prejudicial to your web sites traffic generating capacity.

Alas that is just a piece of the jigsaw. Receiving a high Page Rank back link from a site themed on say boat insurance when your site’s theme is all about acne is likely to be of doubtful value. Such affairs make no linking sense to our Google friends.

Following this point further it is important that the back link contain a relevant and themed anchor text. To be precise, the actual hyperlink ought to ideally contain a keyword on which your site needs to rank.

One of the best ways to produce back links from high Page Rank sources is by way of Article Directories. These directories allow the positioning of hyperlinked keyword anchor text inside the article source box. It is for the site owner to pick and choose the origin of his back links, he can also change the aggregate number of back links.


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