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Jan Verhoeff asked:

Anchor Text keywords drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, generating high-profit Internet Business opportunities for any online resource. Most business owners online understand the value of backlinks to their website. Generating these links takes time and effort, but the rewards for doing so are incredibly huge. However, there are a few specific details that make your backlinks more effective and doubly rewarding.

Search Engines prefer links from good neighborhoods.

You may think this sounds a bit snobbish, but the reality is, the better the google ranking of the website where you place backlinks, the more effective your links will be. Come to think of it, Google is a bit of a snob… They prefer backlinks with keyword recognizable names, underscoring the option of interactive linking keyword phrases and making them a higher priority than the usual “click here” version link, mostly used by underrated web designers.

Link Directories and Article Marketing Directories

High value sources for links include link directories where you can add your link to the masses and be included in mailers, free marketing strategies and techniques as well as automated submission to the search engines. These resources benefit you because they are directive related and people respond well when they’re told what to do.

Article Marketing Directories offer information with resource boxes that drive traffic to your website, generating high volume traffic at reasonable costs, or no cost, if you write your own articles. In exchange for a little bit of time, you get the benefit of a long lasting, well-worded advertizement to your business site online, in reference to a wide variety of keyword phrases and products relevant to your business. The time you spend writing and designing high quality content more than makes up for itself in value driven traffic and profit for your website, because the content drives target specific traffic to your site.

Interactive Blogging for Backlink Traffic

By including your article marketing efforts in a blog that drives high volumes of traffic to your website, even if that blog is a free website, you’ll have the perfect resource for your business clients and also another source of revenue. These revenue optional sites can be massively productive if you use them to your benefit.


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