Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Backlinks From Forum Participation

Ranking highly in the search engine results is very important in generating high traffic to your website/blog. In addition to having good, relevant content on your site one of the best ways to increase your search ranking is to get high quality backlinks to your site.

A backlink is simply a clickable link that directs to another website (yours). The most powerful backlinks are one-way backlinks. One way backlinks are best; these are when a site links to your site but you don‘t reciprocally link back to them.

Putting backlinks in forums is a great way to go about doing this. These links can generate direct traffic to your site, as people browsing the forum click your links in addition to raising your search engine ranking. You need to be careful when using forums in this way. Do it wrong and you will be branded a spammer and most likely get your forum account closed. If done properly however, it can be a powerful and easily used tools to add to your repertoire.

Locate Forums Relating To Your Niche:
“Relating to your niche“ is the key term!. You want to be sure to find forums related to your niche – the topic of your website. Probably the easiest way to do this is to type in your niche into Google with the word “forum” after it. Let’s say you have a blog on healthy living. You’d type into Google “Healthy Living Forum”, or something similar.

There are two basic reasons why you want to find forums that actually relate to your niche.. First, the search engines will usually give more weight to links pointing to your site if they come from sites centred around the same niche as your site. Secondly, you are far more likely to come across parties that are interested in your site by placing it in the appropriate forums.

Join The Best Forums:
After finding the forums you want, you need to  decide on which ones you should join. Click the links to visit about half a dozen of the top search results. You can usually browse through forums without having to sign up, only when you actually want to participate, do you need to join. If you land on a forum that won’t let you view unless you join, forget it and move on.

Its only really worth your while to join popular forums so take a look at how many members there are in each forum you visit. You also need to make sure those members are active. Go into one of the more popular forums categories and scan down the list of threads to see when the last posting was made. This information is usually in the right hand column of the forum threads table. If you see a lot of posts made in the last 24 hours, you’ve found a forum with lots of active members. A popular forum like this will attract the search engines and therefore your links will be picked up quite quickly. Search engines tend to love sites with lots of frequently updated, relevant content. This is the ideal type of forum.

The last important step before joining a forum is to make sure that it allows you to add a “signature” to all of your posts. Jump into one of the more popular threads on the forum. Scroll down and look at the posts to see if anyone has a signature showing at the bottom of their post. There will usually be a horizontal line after the body of the post and some text and/or links underneath it. Often people just have a quote or witty saying, but sometimes they will have links as well. Not everyone will have a signature, but try to find some members who do. Signatures are crucial, because this is where you are going to put the links to your site.

When you find a forum that fit’s the bill, follow the steps to sign up. You only need to find a few to begin with, you can always find more later on 

Your Signature:
Log in to the forum. Once there go to your profile. Often this will be called ‘User CP’ or ‘User Profile’. In this area you can edit things like your avatar, your bio and preferences. Look for the part that says something like ‘Edit signature’ and click that. You’ll see a text field where you can type in the text you want to appear beneath all your posts. This is where you’ll put the backlinks to your site.

Forums use a special kind of code to allow members to format their posts. It’s called BBCode and it’s quite simple to use once you get the hang of it. Copy the examples below and change the URL and text to your URL and some catchy keyword-rich text. Paste the code into you signature box and save it.

Link to your website or blog with this code:
Learn how to start [url=]Coin Collecting[/url] the easy way.

You can see in the code above where you need to edit the domain to be your domain. In this example, ‘Coin Collecting’ will be the anchor text for the link. This is where you want to put your keywords. Almost all forums will allow you to have a link in your signature.

If you want to make your signature bold, just add the bold tags around it like this:

[b]Learn how to start [url=]Coin Collecting[/url] the easy way.[/b]

Most forums will allow you to bold the text in your signature. If you add the bold code and your signature still doesn’t come out in bold then it’s you know the bold formatting is not allowed.

Some forums will also allow you to change the color of the text, although the anchor text will come out as the default link color, usually blue. Here’s how you change the text color:

[color=red]Learn how to start [url=]Coin Collecting[/url] the easy way.[/color]

You can also combine formatting. This would make your signature red and bold (except for the link text which will usually be blue bold).

[color=red][b]Learn how to start [url=]Coin Collecting[/url] the easy way.[/b][/color]

One final tip for creating your signature. Less is more. If you make your signature look spamming people will treat you like a spammer. You don’t have to use up all available lines in your signature. Make it short, sweet and to the point. If you post great content and people are interested they will click your link.

Step 4: Participate!
The first three steps were all preparation. Now you get to start creating backlinks to your site! It’s simple, just participate in the forum. Post good content, ask questions. Try to help people out by answering questions. Be nice, be helpful.

Every post you make will give you a backlink to your site. The higher the quality of your post, the more powerful your backlink will be, at least in Google. Because Google looks at the text surrounding a link to determine the relevancy of a link having good content in your posts is much more valuable than having a post that says something like, “great post, I agree”. If you simply participate in the forum and try to be friendly and helpful chances are your content will take care of itself.

That’s it. Have fun. And remember, you can change your signature any time you want. You might change the text a bit from time to time to find out what generates the most clicks to your site.

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