Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Backlinks, to Buy or not to Buy?

Backlinks, To Buy or Not to Buy?

Backlinks are an important part of a websites search engine rankings. However quality backlinks, those from the topic of your website, and relevant area are of importance as well.

Anchor text, which is where the link is pointing will also increase your page ranking. Vary it to closely match the content of the page you are backlinking with.

Obtaining Backlinks

There are numerous way to obtain backlinks. We will go through several of them including paying for them, swapping and free backlinks.

One way is to ask for backlinks with others that you correspond or do business with. These may be people that you have a relationship online with such as from social media groups or those you have purchased products from. Once again, make sure that these are related to your business. You do not want just any link!

You can also purchase links directly from bloggers or other webmasters. This way is more difficult for the search engines to pick up on, as far as the buying part of. Search engines are not found of buying backlinks but they can increase your rankings.

This method is also the cheapest. Once again look for quality and contect as well as anchor text.

Buying Directory Links

Directories are like the phone book online. This can be a valuable place to add your link but it can also be costly.

Yahoo Directory:

This has many categories and RSS feeds

Cost: $299.00 per year

Best of the Web

One of the oldest directories

Cost: $79.95 per year.

No, this is not free. It was when I first start but it isn’t anymore. It does have 2000 visitors a day though.

Cost $40.00 for a placement or $80.00 for a featured placement.

This is a business directory. Quality hits should be expected from this listing area.

Cost: $199.00 per year.

Link Exhanges

There are several out there. I will show you a few of them. Read how it works and all of the details before signing up for anything. This information is taken from their websites.

Mega Links Exchange:

Mega Links Exchange

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How it works

Mega Links Exchange is a network of link publishers, who publish a directory on their websites which is managed by Mega Links Exchange. The directory consists of only one small 1kb file, linked from the publishers homepage. Link publishing is free because link publishers websites are included in the network. Mega Links Exchange checks all links in the network on an hourly basis, to ensure that no deadlinks will be published at anytime. If a dead link is found, the website will be instantly suspended and removed from the network. The owner of the dead link will be notified about this situation and asked to correct.

Signup as link publisher and get free links instantly:

1. Register for an account.

2. Create link campaign, submit your URL, title and description you want to display throughout the network.

3. Upload a small 1kb file to your server which is provided to you in the account panel, link to the file from your website.

The file will show a directory with links of all publishers, just as on other publisher sites that link to you. This will increase your backlink count instantly and daily, as new publisher sites join which display your link in their directories.

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Add live help to your website

How to exchange links?

Frequently Asked Questions » General

Link Market’s link exchange is accomplished by a very simple and extremely effective 1-2-3 link exchange step process. Link Market users sign in to their account and browse the link directory. Once appropriate links have been found, the user places them in the link cart. Once ready to send the link exchange request, the user goes to the link cart and sends the link request. At that time, the link request gets sent out. This is where Link Market’s 1-2-3 link exchange step process starts.


Webmaster (RQ) is a Link Market member that is requesting a link exchange.

Webmaster (RC) is a Link Market member that is receiving a link exchange request.


Webmaster (RC) receives a link request via e-mail and is instructed to log in to the Link Market account to respond to the link exchange request. Once logged in, the Webmaster goes to My Account and clicks on Current Jobs.

In Current Jobs, the Webmaster will see all of the jobs needed for a link exchange to take place. The Webmaster would then select one link and click on the respond link. This will then open a new Web page where the user may examine the link and either agree to link exchange or not.

If the user doesn’t agree to the link request, then this link exchange gets stopped and placed in the link request history. If the user does agree to the link exchange, then this link exchange request gets forwarded from the Webmaster’s current jobs and gets placed into Webmaster (RQ)’s Current Jobs.


Webmaster (RQ) is required to place Webmaster (RC)’s link on his or her link page. Once RQ does, RQ submits his or her URL address to the link page where he or she has placed Webmaster (RC)’s link. At this moment, Link Market opens Webmaster (RQ)’s link page and looks for Webmaster (RC)’s link. If the link exists on the page, then step 2 is finished and this job gets moved from Webmaster (RQ)’s to Webmaster (RC)’s Current Jobs. Otherwise, this job gets marked as pending in step 2 until Webmaster (RQ) submits the valid link page.


Webmaster (RC) is required to place a link to Webmaster (RQ)’s Web site. Once that’s done, Webmaster RC submits the URL address to the link page where he or she has placed Webmaster (RQ)’s link. Link Market opens Webmaster (RQ)’s link page and looks for Webmaster (RC)’s link. If the link exists, then step 3 is finished and this link exchange gets marked as successful. Otherwise, this job will be marked in step 3 as pending until Webmaster (RQ) submits a valid link page.

If you have any questions regarding Link Exchange, please contact us via our online contact us form. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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Free Relevant Links:

I liked what I saw with this one!

Here are their stats on their home page:

Total Links Exchanged –


– This Month’s Signups –



1) Free Link Exchange Service – The Free Relevant Links software was built by Professional Search Engine Optimization Specialists. We were tired of link building; particularly the amount of time that was needed to do traditional link exchange was beyond ridiculous. We have simplified this process by eliminating the chasing of link partners and acceptance of those qualified partners once they are located. The FRL free link exchange service is a 100% automated link exchange system and once installed, needs no intervention on the end users part to continuously gain new qualified relevant link exchange partners. The longer you are a customer the more links that you will receive, we reward long term customers. Our system is W3c compliant therefore all your exchanged links follow White Hat SEO guidelines to the letter.

2) You are in control – Once installed our link exchange script allows you to target the keywords that mean the most to your business. You control up to five keyword phrases and two descriptions. This means each time a link exchange partner links back to you it will randomly choose one of your five keywords and one of your two descriptions giving you multiple keyword exposure. This is key in achieving top 10 rankings. You can control the Title, description, keywords and even the amount of links you display on your links page giving you full control of the look and feel of the content being displayed from our link exchange program. The links exchange page is also easily converted to your websites template so that it looks like every other part of your website.

3) No cheating, No headaches – Our reciprocal link exchange service is totally dynamic and updates your member’s area daily as your links are streamed to your website. If a member either removes the link exchange code on purpose or by mistake they are immediately emailed about the problem and have 7 days to remedy their link code issue. If the member does not put the link code back on their website, all link partners will drop their links after the 7th day. We have many various checks and balances in place to detect any person that attempts to circumvent our link exchange software.

4) Reports – We offer a member’s area inside our automated link exchange service where you will have access to our ranking reporting system allowing you to update your ranking report to view your keyword rankings in 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Msn). A ranking report history is also kept so you can see the progress and benefit of our free link exchange program. A backlink report is also available showing you all free reciprocal link exchange partners that display your links and the date they were added. By clicking on the link which takes you directly to their links page so that you may view your link live. Other reports such as total hits to your homepage and links page are there for your viewing and many more reporting tools on the way.


Why Join Us?

There are other options out there but I would start with these. Happy linking!


Sandi Baker

As the President and Founder of Let Us Get It Done, I am also the website designer. I have over 19 years in the marketing business. I also serve on the Board of Directors for a Non Profit Company that is dedicated to providing technology to the visually impaired.

I have a Degree in Business Management and Administration and well as an SEC License.

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