Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Beware! Important Things for SEO Hi this is Paul, Julia is going to tell us what to Beware Of! Important Things to be Careful of when shopping for SEO! Julia, What should I look for in a site submission package? What should I be aware of? Great question Paul. If you do a quick search on “SEO Consultants”, you will most likely see this kind of advertisement “They say that they will submit your site to all 1500 search engines and guarantee you 14000 hits on your first day!” That sounds pretty good,right? Well do not be fooled. First of all, there are maybe 10-20 accredited search engine tops. And out of those, you only need to submit your site to maybe eight, and even that is fairly generous. Secondly and unfortunately, no one can guarantee you that many hits. The reality is that it is crazy to promise such a return, especially on your first day. Of course there are sites out there that get 14000 hits a day, but they are usually large well-established sites that have been around for a while and have extremely deep content. That being said of course, there are SEO consultants such as MAX Web Group Ltd., that are honest and ethical. However, this advertisement that we found, which by the way is a real one. No joke! It is assuredly unethical and devious, and completely misleading. Why do many top listed pages often have no content? Well, Often times you will hear that content is king, but you may be wondering why the top pages for some certain keywords don’t have lots of visible content

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  • This video is not about ranking in search results, it is about obtaining´╗┐ backlinks

  • Haha lol Dude! There were only´╗┐ three search results, hell a new born baby could have gotten ranked high easily for that keyword!!! Hahaha lol

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