Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

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Video Rating: 0 / 5 | How do you build an audience for your videos? That’s one of the biggest challenges people have when they come to YouTube. But also getting the right kind of views for their videos. In business, that means potential clients and customers. The Holy Grail of online video is views and conversions. But you need to think a little differently business videos than you do for simple fame and fortune. There’s actually more strategy involved. 00 Strategy 11: Humor 00:49 Strategy 12: Guest blogging 01:20 Strategy 13: Backlinking 01:40 Strategy 14: Being sociable 01:59 Strategy 15: The transcript 02:30 Strategy 16: Clearing the Channel 03:09 Strategy 17: Epic Content 03:27 Strategy 18: The Magic Widget 03:48 Strategy 19: The Power of Brevity 04:49 Where to get even more help for free… This two-part series takes a closer look at the 19 top techniques for getting more targeted views for your videos. And they do work. I’ve been using them and so have my students and we’ve seen great results. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of views where they used to be in the single digits, which, unfortunately is what most YouTube videos get. Time to get ready for your closeup!

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