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Brute Force Linking Loophole Review – Does This Automated High PR Backlink Tool Work?

Tom Brite asked:

The Brute Force SEO Linking Loophole Software has some very wide claims and even wilder automation which apparently work’s away while you sleep! So as a user and customer of the software I’m going to give you an unbiased review of the pro’s and con’s.

Big claims from such a small SEO software application tool.

They make claims such as…

It works while you sleep It will get you 100’s of high pr backlinks quickly It will increase your site ranking It will increase your sites overall PR It automatically solves all the captcha’s It automatically sign’s up to all of the sites It gives you backlinks with anchor text that you select And many more! These are some wild claims, but are they true?

The Brute Force Linking Loophole software needs a review. So let’s go over all the points and see if they are true or not.

Linking loophole is an automated software and if you set it up before you go to bed then it will work while you sleep, so true The tool is updated every month with around 30 new websites that are all high PR and the word quickly depends on your PC speed but is typically a minute or so per website, they currently have around 110 sites listed, so again true Yes this it can and will improve your sites ranking as after all these are the best backlinks you could get to your website As part of the link juice being spread to your website from these do follow backlinks that the software gets you will see an increase in your websites PR which will show up in the next update The captcha solving is a newer part of the linking loophole tool and so now it does solve the captchas as well as everything else to make it 110% automated Yes it does signup to the websites as well as do the captchas and everything else.. this is extreme high pr backlink getting automation to the extreme. Yep you also get to choose what anchor text you want the backlinks to be and so then can rank your site, page, blog, web 2.0 site or whatever else for a specific keyphrase too, meaning big earning potential at your finger tips! Fact: The brute force linking loophole software does work and does do exactly as it says it does!


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