Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Building Strong Backlink Pyramids With WordPress

Alvin Carson asked:

Blogs make great great supporting pages for backlink pyramids. Search engines hold weblogs in high regard so it generally pays to invest some time in creating them. Of all the available blogsites out there, has to be the best one for backlink purposes. Individual WordPress blogs are treated by search engines like separate sites, and can gain good page rank. On top of that, any keywords or tags that you choose for your entries are searchable, and are therefore useful.

You want your page to rank high on keyword queries, so the optimal situation would be to have your keywords in the text as well as in your tag cloud to trigger the search engine. Unfortunately, sites like Blogger prevent search engines from looking through your tags and confine the search to your actual weblog entry, forcing you to pack keywords into your text. This keeps the list of search results short, but is generally detrimental to Internet marketers who want their blogs to place high. WordPress actually allows search engines to sift through the tag and keyword fields.

Another advantage of WordPress is its immense popularity. Its home page carries a page rank of 9! Your blogs won’t automatically inherit this lofty score, but there is a way to take advantage of their online credibility by using their “tags” page, which carry a respectable rank of 8. By identifying popular tags and using them in your main and supporting sites, you can boost your own page rank.

You can utilize your weblog further by linking it with a social media tag tracking application like Technorati or MyBlogLog. They make all of your pages score higher, and in addition, you can host them on your server instead of on WordPress.

One thing about WordPress weblogs is that, like a fine wine, they get better with age. Brand ******** new blogs take a while before they show up on keyword queries, and will therefore require backlink support from some higher ranking page. On the other hand, a mature aged blog will show up on searches quickly, and new entries are indexed and ranked faster. So be aware of this when placing them into your backlink structure.

Maintaining a long-term WordPress weblog in an organic fashion is therefore important if you want to build a solid page ranking. Older weblogs and those with more entries are given higher priority by search engines. Don’t just dump a lot of entries whenever you remember to. Plan ahead and make entries periodically. In this manner your blog’s growth will be more natural and won’t ring any alarm bells.

Capitalizing on WordPress blogs is a great business strategy. It costs nothing, and the time you spend on your weblog will reap great rewards in terms of strong supporting pages that you can use for your backlink structures. Even though they only allow one affiliate link, it can still provide significant support for your other pages.


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