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Can I Use Google Knol For Backlink Building?

Summer N Banks asked:

A knol is defined as a unit of knowledge according to the Google Knol website. Taking a quick look at the the knols published on the website, the information published is similar to that offered on any article directory. Does the power of Google mean these links will mean more than content published elsewhere online? That is only something Google will know, but the Knol website is surely a new and exciting place to publish content about your website and use that content to link back to the rest of your information online.

The knol is created in the same way as any other article online. Many of the writers offer a link to their website via a resource box at the bottom of the content, while others use text links, or anchor text, for their backlink purposes. The Google Knol website is still in Beta form, so the viability of this Google offering is still up in the air. Users may find solace in the fact that Gmail remained in Beta until very recently.

Searching through the available knols, the reader may find there are quite a few articles on the topic they wish to read about. The term “writing”, for instance, returns more than 7800 results with some articles earning page views in excess of 60,000.

How to Write a Google Knol

The Google Knol is not the place to publish a blog post style article. These articles are dedicated to information and the passing of that information on to the reader in a professional manner. The writer is best to think of an educational article that is clinical in nature. This can help the author gain more traffic from the Google Knol because the publication will offer detailed information on the niche subject which could mean the reader will WANT to click on that resource link.


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