Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Fast | make money online ideas | Internet business | Google Sniper | Easy | how to find good keywords Do you know the secrets of a Teenage millionare? See what George Brown has so far! Hello! We’re glad you’re here today and are honored to help those about how to start making money online fast So, if you’re wondering what exactly is Google Sniper;! Read on! Google Sniper is a technique developed by George Brown to mini niche sites ranked on the first page of google with very little or no back-linking at all to get. If you are new to SEO then let me give you a little crash course. There are really only two important factors. 1). On Page Search Engine Optimization (on page seo) -. Involves the optimization of your niche mini site 2) Off Page Search Engine Optimization (off page SEO) involves optimizing your niche mini-site support. To summarize in one word; Backlinking. Ie that your page is linked to other websites on the Internet, think of it as a vote and the more votes you get the more important Google and other search engines will think your site is, resulting in a higher ranking! The method, you can concentrate on your work On-page SEO and have so little off-page SEO, while still high search engine rankings. Which is a huge deal because backlinking can be a huge pain in the … well, you know. So that alone makes this method worth every penny. In summary, the Google Sniper method involves finding profitable niches with great products, buiding a mini-site (aka landing page or “Sniper Site Video Rating: 0/5 – Blog Syndication Network” Build My Rank “(BMR) is deindexed in Panda Google update. Listen to a Live Training (http – why was the MMR-indexed and what you can do, post-Panda ranking, backlinks, SEO, and the new world of Internet Marketing

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  • really enjoyed this – lots of sites were hit by panda etc

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  • along with seo, people should learn about paid advertising and list building,
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  • At the least, those links will no longer provide any benefit. At the worst, you’ll see a “Unnatural links detected..” message in Google Webmaster Tools, possibly leading to de-indexing.

  • Thanks Jesse!

  • What if I have few posts months ago… will that significantly effect?

  • Great explanation on all the fuss that is going on with G’s changes regarding SEO. I really appreciate your excellent understanding of the subject. best…

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