Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Finding Angela’s and Paul’s backlinks using Scrapebox.wmv

Scrapebox can also be used to find Angel Edward’s and Paulie Ciara’s backlink trails on the web. This tutorial tells you exactly how. It also has advice on what to do with the backlinks.

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  • Why not???

  • @partyrock3k why doesnt this method work any more? is it due to panda?

  • not good ! waste of video time

  • this doesn’t work. all the links are garbage when using this method

  • is this still valid? are these still their footprints used

  • to bad that everybody and their dogs are using these same links… this is not so effective anymore

  • how did you get her footprint anyway??

  • Great video, bro! Question: are you using private proxies, or what are your thoughts on that? I’ve heard mixed results on this and am curious on your thoughts. Thanks again for your great vid!

  • Good video! Very informative! Thanks sharing.’s Page Rank is 9.

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