Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Free. Edu backlinks using wiki pages Receive free. edu backlinks using wiki pages to boost your search engine rankings seo. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • Great Video My friend….

  • I checked and it still works are you still having problems with it

  • Is this still working as i don’t seem to have “move” option to chenge user name.

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  • Love the website, however you need to be critiqued up front.. Lay off the ads and you become the ad. Sell yourself, and leave the money site plain and simple. make a landing page for all your products ( 1.html with no keywords, just description meta) for each one. OK nuff with

  • but good video , you have what it takes. Show us how to create a dofollow ,edu backlink and the benfeits of doing so. I know how, but i dare to show any one my strategies. Its my bread and butter, however im learning more and more affiliate marketing and SEO after 14 years in this business. Anyways, i like the videos, and when you create more Ill watch them, becuase you are a sincere person which is step 1 TRUST. I would buy from you just cause of that.

  • For me this is old and still is a good strategy only when this page has unique content to become popular amongst other wiki’s out there. Because this particular .edu is nofollow meaning no PR. However , a nofollow .edu page gives your website link juice only good for SERP. What you need is high PR dofollow page creation tutorial. and show people that with 1 high PR .edu backlink juice can crush any competitor in SERP. long term SEO, Its un certain if a nofollow backlink can benefit long term.

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