Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

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Video Rating: 4 / 5 – This is an overview video of the backlinking strategy I used to help a brand new niche site climb to the #1 rank in Google in a little over 2 months. Here are some of the tools mentioned in the video

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  • Good message,Thank for a good thing.

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  • Great , thanx for the tips *****

  • I really hate SEO. But it was just one of those things I used to do since? it was an absolutely necessity. Tools like Senuke really made life a lot easier but until I met this little tool InsaneBacklinks(dot)com

  • I really hate SEO. But it was just one of those things I used to do since it was an absolutely necessity. Tools like Senuke really made life a lot easier but until I met this little tool w w w(dot)InsaneBacklinks(dot) com

  • Pat,
    I have been working on videos and using a white board but my writing is awful. Are you using something or have a setting that helps smooth your hand writing? Or is it just practice? I can’t seem to move quickly and keep my writing looking decent.
    Just wondering

  • Nice

  • What software did you use to make this video? Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

  • Here is how to spin articles: you must spin content words. If you change stop words it will be penalized. If you spin article using software and plus you manually modify first 15% and last 15% of the article then there is no way you can fail.

  • I’m really glad I see this video I came up with similar linking strategy but mine is more time consuming and labor intensive. I call it six degrees of separation. You do exactly the same what this video says but you include 6 layers.

  • @sighwarrior

    Lol no offence buddy but are you deaf, seriously he is pretty loud through out the video.

  • @SmartPassiveIncome

    I think you are fantastic thank you very much for taking the time to help us out, I am just getting into SEO to be honest this help be awesome to get me right up there in the ranking.


  • im sure what you are saying is great but i just can’t take your accent seriously…

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  • By the way Pat, I have some suggestions. Why not built an email list from your niche sites in order for your first time visitors to become your loyal readers? It is said that the money is on the list but we’ve learned that the real money is on the “Relationship with your list”.

    I learn Niche Marketing at Niche Profit Classroom since I am also a member but some your techniques is really very helpful to me.

    I would like to share my experience inside NPC also.

    – Felix

  • @SmartPassiveIncome Thank you very much Pat… I really appreciated it.. Thanks for your time. I post many comments in your blog post but you seldom replied. Anyway, we understand that you are very busy…

    – Felix

  • @SmartPassiveIncome Right now, I am currently on the 2nd page of google but the sad thing is that, I haven’t use the [Exact] match type of google keyword tool which I missed. Your experience is really my inspiration.

    Actually, I am also a Virtual Assistant who built niche sites for other people. Right now, I working for someone. And we learn many things from you and Tyrone. We also using the same tool as you but some are not… Maybe soon.

    – Felix

  • @sighwarrior Contact me on my contact page on the blog, and include a link to your first report and I’ll add it to the hub at nichesiteduel (dot) com.

  • @SmartPassiveIncome Hi Pat, Thank you very much for the quick reply. I am your avid fan and followers of your niche site duel. In fact, I ask you to let me enter in your niche duel since I am into it. Would you mind to include in your list at niche duel hub? Here is my website. Blogging Access dot com

    – Felix

  • @sighwarrior Thanks for the comment. Actually, I don’t think I could speak any louder because I’m using professional equipment and it’s recording at the max level before it becomes distorted. It’s coming out loud and clear on my end. Be sure to check the volume not only from your computer, but coming from the actual video itself too – the controls next to the play button. Thanks again, and best of luck!

  • @SmartPassiveIncome Hi Pat, this is really the real deal. But I have a suggestion, would mind to please speak louder so we can hear you clearly.

    Anyway, I’ve following you since from the start of the niche duel. I want to participate too.

    In fact, I already built 3 niche sites but still the rankings is really slow. Your tips really helps us.

    Another thing is that, I also use Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, NPC keyword analyser etc.

    Thank you very much.

    – Felix of Blogging Access dot com

  • @SmartPassiveIncome Wow lightning response! In that blog post it would be useful to know which ones of the things you do are top priority or the most important. Then it would be good to know which are the free alternatives to the paid tools you use.
    But, having followed you for some month now, I guess you are probably writing all those things right now 😀
    Love your work Pat. I hope one day I’ll be the Italian Pat Flynn!!! :))
    (I live in Italy, by the way)

  • @dracv Very true and totally understandable. At the end of the post that this video will go on, I’ll be going over that very issue. Obviously, it’s not totally necessary to do all of these things, and people have been ranking for free for years without the use of any of the software and things that require payment – this stuff just speeds up the process and I wanted to share what those things were. Thanks for the comment! (P.s. this is why I’m making it all free!)

  • Thank you Pat for the huge amount of information you give away for free!
    One thing about your strategy is that it can be pretty expensive. 2 of the services you use have monthly subscriptions which, for example for a beginner, would probably be not so affordable.

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