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How come SEO doesn’t update my website?

Min K asked:

I add my website url to google about a year ago. My site has hundreds of pages but it’s not updating. When I type, only 4 pages show. Also When I see those 4 pages cached, the crawled date is not changing expect front page. I think somehow google blocked our site. Is it possible? Can expert tell me why google is not updating our website?
Ofcourse I resubmit it. I didn’t resubmit every single pages. I only did the my index file url. Please help me.
Thanks for the Answer, but maybe I didn’t explain my situation clearly.
I update my site from google everyweek, but when I see the result, google crawls front page only. The rest of pages are 6months old. Why is that?


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  • Kristan

    Google hates you.

  • Loreta

    no it doesn’t update. you have to resubmit it. they won’t do your work for you. don’t count on all of your pages being in there.

  • Felica

    SEO is a method of optimizing a site. SEO doesn’t update your rankings on Google. There could be many reasons why you site doesn’t rank or is getting indexed. See my site for free info or higer a professional.

  • Daisey

    Use the Google Sitemaps feature – it does not guarantee that all your pages will be indexes but it increase the probably greatly.

  • Britta

    The answer to your question is that you don’t have enough quality backlinks to your site.

    If Google doesn’t consider your site to be important, then it will not index all of your pages.

    What I recommend is doing a large link building campaign and try to get links to your internal pages.

    The best method to do this would be to hire a professional link builder. I have linked to one of the best in the sources box.

    Good luck

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