Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

How To Backlinks Using Blog Comments Make Crazy effective technique to get back links to your website or blog by using other peoples blogs . Helps increase your chances of getting your site indexed higher in search engines. Also helps to return traffic to your site.

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  • This is a helpful video.  Thank you. Will check about ‘Kahuna Comment’.

  • nice sharing…

  • @mtdujqo My account is going mental with $1300 to $2400 per day. If you can get into the right niche theres no stopping you. This course explains it all >

  • What happens if the admin (blog owner) does not accept your input, or modifys your comment to not include your link?

    please reply many thanks

  • Doh! I cant get it to work – I presume you have to sing in in “open ID”? But which ever way I try to leave a comment simply writing the html:// at the end of my post does not create a link? Its all going horribly wrong

    Great video – well presented too


  • my comments never appear once i post on a blog! annoying

  • Thanks for this – you’ve made it completely understandable – I was expecting horribly complicated html but even I can manage this I reckon!
    Would you recommend that you link to your homepage or your blog itself?

  • Good tip.. i learnt new thing today thanks for uploading

  • That’s grate for me. thanks

  • Great info sir. Thanks.

  • Great idea, however I realize a faster solution to accomplish the same task, thru trial and error.

  • . You’re welcome. I hope you get those much needed backlinks that will help get traffic to your blog and also help with the SEO for the search engines

  • this is great! I learnt something new.


  • A great piece of software to download is called Comment Kahuna, just Google the name, which helps you identify high ranking blogs in your niche. The best method though is to type in your niche keyword + blog eg. dog training + blog in Google and then read through the different blogs content and leave a meaningful and sincere comment on the blog with your link to your website below your name. This interaction will bring visitors and a good relevant link back to your site.

  • also thank you for your response

  • can you recomend me some good blogs to post some backlinks?

  • @saif1337. This is a great way to get indexed with Google Listings. Also make sure your website has the usual on page optimization eg Title with keyword in it, meta description and good keyword loaded content

  • does this method help to get your website indexed faster onto google search listings?

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