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How To Check Backlinks To My Site

How To Check Backlinks To My Site

Thus, building and building links, and now it is time to begin, how many of them were Google, how many have stuck by them, and how many of them are indexed worthless. Today I want to go through a few different ways that you check your backlinks.

An easier way is to check backlinks, by and through the Firefox SEO Quake to download the plugin. This plugin allows you to view all your backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer to check with ease. It will also allow you spy on your competitors backlinks so you can copy what they have done, and beat them in the standings.

Another good way is to check backlinks, by heading over to Just in your domain name type in the search box and press the submit button. (Note the pop-up). It is loaded and you can see all your backlinks. See

The last chance some of your backlinks is by using your domain name into Google in quotes.

So all of the backlinks that your URL will be displayed included.

Overall, you should check your backlinks only a few times a month. Do not go crazy and check them every day. This will only detract from, where you want in the next month, 2 months, or even a year. Check them all individually in a while if you get bored, and focus on your goals. Good luck

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