Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

How To Get Backlinks This is a very new service, so I am still in the testing stage. I will update this hub with the results of how each campaign goes. Main features of the Link Juicer * web based backlinking service * automatically builds backlinks once your campaign is set up * drip feed of backlinks from actual accounts, very natural looking, * the accounts will be months old, not ones created 5 minutes ago, they will have a variety of regular content bookmarked, and are therefore more valuable because they are active * 5 campaigns at one time, 10 links to each campaign daily * or 25 campaigns getting 2 links each day * no setting up of new accounts on a regular basis * Campaign straightforward to set up, web based interface * You create content to be spun for posting on content sites. * Turns your content into ebooks for posting to ebool sites. * Everyone opens a new account at popular web 2.0 sites such as Ask, Delicious, A1weblinks and a whole host of others. * The juicer automates the backlink building on a daily basis

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  • Really fantastic video……… the strategies it shows for backlinking are very easy to understand´╗┐ as well as very´╗┐ simple to implement…….´╗┐ thanks for the upload………..

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