Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

How To Get Free Backlinks using Free Traffic System

James Hicks shows you a tool you can use for FREE to build Free Backlinks to your website and get Google Page #1 using Free Traffic system.

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  • It let me submit a couple articles., but now when I click publish it just “blinks” and clears the page. I go to see if it posted and its not there. Have you ever had this problem?

  • Hi Kurt from Stockholm like this feature!

  • Thanks for updating us on backlinks

  • Hi James,
    Thanks for sharing this information and tools
    I have a query is this traffic system is only for blogs? As I have my own website and its not on wordpress theme, still can I use it?

  • Hi James; thanks for a nice video!!

  • abouve the 2 key word boxses it says like post body less then 450 words but my mian article is 476 HELP :(((

  • thanks

  • @ackebea Hello, please just click the link in the video description, you will see the link on my blog

  • I might be very off here, but I cant see or here the adress to this free toll anywhere in this video

  • great love it!!!

  • How oftern do you come out with new videos?

  • @mantungto Hi, if your articles are already approved in Ezine Articles then unless you edit them or take any action that requires Ezines to ‘re-approve’ your article then you probably won’t ever have a ‘penalty’ However for maximum effect I would advise at least rewriting your articles a little and then spinning them before submitting into FTS. The results are worth the extra effort, trust me

  • Got a quick but important question. If I have already written an article on Ezine and copy that article and post it as an article into this system, will I get penalty from ezine for duplication? Ezine maybe very strict on this so need to know if I can use my existing articles there or if I need to write completely different ones for this system you’re introducing here. Thx and good video by the way.

  • This is MY FIRST EVER video so excuse all the ‘erm,erm,erm’ LOL

  • @anythung22 Hi I just played it my end and it works ok, please try reloading, thanks

  • 2:12 the video freezes. Why?

  • Everyone, I did deserve to be called that! He is absolutely correct in what he is saying! I clicked the wrong link. My hat is off to ya sir. Thank you for this & accept my apology.

  • perfect example of help…thank you ..

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