Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

How to Use Multiple C Class IP hosting with SEO to Build Backlinks

We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best and most effective way of marketing a website. It is the most efficient method for driving traffic to your website.

Google largely values backlinks that your website may have from some other relevant websites with barely any outgoing links. Generating backlinks is still very important to gain Search Engine trust and to boost up your rankings. So, it would be good, if you find any way to get few backlinks for your site from relevant sites.

But, it is not always possible to get backlinks from the relevant site as other sites are your competitors and why would they provide a link to your website?

With the motive of clearing out illegitimate techniques of SEO employed by black hat users, Google has given a set of restrictions that prohibit black hat users from using their techniques to play with Google’s Algorithms. And, one prominent restriction among these is: Google does not consider any backlinks from other websites hosted on the same C Class IP as yours.

If you want only to increase the Page Rank of your website for flipping, then multiple C Class IP hosting is not the one you want to waste your time on. But, if you’re looking to rank your website for a particular keyword, if highly targeted traffic is what you are craving for then multiple C Class IP hosting is the best thing for you.

C Class IP Explained

Basically, an IP consists of 4 parts: Class A, B, C, D divided by “.”. These numbers are given to identify a particular network and a host on that network.

Now, as we mentioned above that Google does not count backlinks from websites that are hosted on IP Addresses in the same IP C Class as your website is hosted, it might get little complicated for utilizing backlinks for ranking. However, this trick surely has a solution. What you can do is create your own websites and trick Google into counting the backlinks.

Simply, you need to create websites on different C classes and place your backlinks on them. The entire procedure is extremely simple, provided you arrange for Multiple C Class web hosting. Once you avail this requirement, all you have to do is registering 10 different domain names in accordance with the niche of your website.

Create WordPress blogs on each domain and craft exclusive, keyword rich articles for these blogs. And then easily get your keywords hyperlinked and backlinks them to your website.

When it comes to boosting your position on SERPs, these backlinks work wonders. They efficiently boost your search engine rankings for your specific keywords as you have backlinks from 10 different websites all of which have low outbound links. This step increases your trust rank amazingly and opens a huge funnel for traffic from Search Engines.

Hence, Multiple C Class IP Hosting is a successful way to enhance your search engine rankings. However, link building is somewhat an expensive option but Multiple C Class IP hosting makes it simple and effective for low budget webmasters.

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