Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

I need an example of a back link to a website. Not a hyper link.Like what you would see in Google’s page rank

Do you have to copy and paste the entire information from Google’s page rank of the site your are trying to get a backlink from? Backlinking is different from just linking to a site,tell how. I am trying to build my site and need backlinks to help boost my pagerank from Google.

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  • physically there is no such thing, what they are refering to is how many other sites link to your website and what thier rating is counts (mathmatically) toward your page rank. for example, a back link would be if intel put a link on their website pointing to yours, it would be a backlink that in their algorithm of figuring out pagerank would be higher than someone who say, put a link to your page on their personal page that had a pagerank of 1-2, since thier pagerank is much higher (there main page is a 9)

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