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Is SEO Elite a scam? It is worth the money?

Erica K asked:

I just started internet marketing and now I’m trying to figure out if SEO Elite is worth the money. People have told me that this tool is essential if you’re going to check backlinks and SEO rankings.

I’m trying to figure out of this is for real or if people are just hyping it up. If you use it please tell me.


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  • Ezequiel

    It is a legitimate product, but it’s not necessary for you to have unless you want to.

    Programs like SEO Elite look for every bit of information about their competitors so that it can help you either copy some of their methodology or learn how to bend around them.

    If you feel this is worth the investment, then by all means, buy it. If you’re not that worried about the competition and just want to focus on your own marketing efforts, then you you can always use free tools.

    SEO is important to a lot of people because Google is the largest search engine in the world. Whatever Google does, the others follow suit. It’s just as useful to use Google’s own free keyword tool and find out what words don’t have a lot of competition. You can use those words, no matter how silly they seem because someone felt theneed to type them in, to create your articles or to focus your pay-per-click advertizing for your website.

    Rather than spending extra money on the latest and greatest SEO software to be the first, sometimes it’s just better to use what Google gives you.

    It’s completely up to you how you want your marketing done. You can learn other free and inexpensive ways to market that work just as well.

  • Ann

    Anyone who conducts a search on for “SEO Elite” scam will bring up some 78,600 search results which simply state: “It’s a scam!”

    Sorry about that.

  • Windy

    SEO Elite can be your SEO secret weapon to gain organic search engine traffic and many targeted visitors and new customers to your online business web sites

    It helps you to search for the relevant keywords of a niche, analysis the competition on search engine and on Google Adwords. You can also analysis the keyword details of your competitor too.

    Brad Callen is not only a top SEO expert, he creates some of the best software in the game. SEO Elite is thoroughly useful and effective software. I wouldn’t be without it.

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  • Gustavo

    SEO Elite is NOT a scam. It does let you check backlinks and SEO rankings. But I did some searching and as I looked it over I noticed something very interesting–SEO elite is no longer worth the money!

    You see, Callen sells SEO elite and Keyword elite but apparently there’s a software that’s been around for a while and now its been updated to just be really really fantastic for all the functions SEO Elite has AND the ones that Keyword elite had!

    Read about it @

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