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Is there any Institute who teaches and certifies as SEO? asked:

I would like to learn SEO through a institute. Can any one give me the name of the institute that conduct the course of SEO and even issues certificate after compleating that course?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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  • Reyna

    not that I am aware of but there are plenty of resources available online

    most colleges however are about 10-25 years behind in their teaching so classes really don’t help much other than to say you have been certified

  • Cathey

    lol, you either believe in SEO or you don’t.

    best way to learn it is to read up on the google and yahoo theory’s to how searching is done. they are plastered all over the internet, as for a course of SEO, i really hope not. i believe SEO does not work as _well_ as it is plastered all over the internet. all it takes is a little learning and a bit of better use of html tags and most importantly have others link to your site, and your away kicking.

  • Curt

    You can learn SEO by participating in comunity forums and reading blogs written by good SEOs.

    Their professional organization is SEMPO, it can be found at

  • Deann

    With search engine algorithms changing every 6-12 months developing a syllabus that was meaningful and current would be extremely difficult to say the least. SEO encompasses many different aspects, including but not limited website design, marketing, conversions, ROI, link development, programming, information architecture and more. At this stage it’s hard to come to a consensus what is SEO and what’s online marketing.

    A great place to start is Webmaster World or Digital Point. The best book to help you get up to speed is

  • Jayne

    Nope, here is a site which would help you:

  • Gracie

    I haven’t heard any institutes teach and certify SEO.
    But there is a good certification program at
    Of course they are selling their softawre product as well there.

    A good place to learn SEO is via webmasters forum.

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