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Keyword Tutorial #2: How to Use Blogger for Back Links

keywordhope asked:

Another short, simple tutorial, this video teaches you how to take advantage of the link tool in Blogger, to create powerful backlinks to your site. … keyword tutorial back links backlinking blogging


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  • Xuan

    hey, i just joined Blogger but i cant figure out how to search for other blogs, is that even possible? all i can do is look at the “next blog” but that *****.

  • Velia

    Wow. That’s the best compliment. Thanks!

  • Royce

    I love Blogger. This makes sense!

  • Yon

    Lovelyl! i’m so glad.

  • Cristal

    cool video, i learn something

  • Stephany

    Sorry, but I don’t use or teach adsense. I only do “organic” search engine optimization.

  • Elin

    How do you use adsense thats were im confused. Mind helping? me out thanks.

  • Detra

    Good video but I couldn’t find the first one

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