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Must Have WordPress Plugin – WP Social Lock – Viral Traffic and Automatic Backlinks!

How does it work? For example, if a website visitor wants to read the full post on your blog, or all images, the access to a download or pdf to get sign up for a newsletter, get a cheat, or anything else, he / they will have to unlock the content with a simple “like” on Facebook, or “tweet” on Twitter or a “1” on Google and the user will immediately full access. You simply add a shortcode [wpsociallock] in the post you want to lock and from where you want it to be locked. Everything below the shortcode will be locked until unlocked by the website visitor. This will lead to a ton of viral social media traffic from all their friends seeing the Like / Tweet / +1, which then in turn to come and have a look at your site, the content accessed via a Net / Tweet / +1 and voila, it goes viral! Not to mention it’s a ton of backlinks automatically make! Video Rating: 5/5

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  • Looks great, but the sales page has been in Maintenance Mode for days. Is´╗┐ this plugin available?

  • free facebook´╗┐ like lock


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