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My website needs some SEO TLC?

Ian S asked:

Hi my business’s site needs some promotion. I need a company that does good SEO work in or around Indianapolis, IN.
Are you located in or around Indianapolis IN?


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  • Ester

    you dont need to spend all that money on a SEO company visit: http// , they can show you how to get the highest ranked SEO position in only 24 hours for FREE

  • Sun

    Fat Atom Express will do affordable SEO work for you. They are the company I use. They really are fantastic.

  • Dwight

    Well there are many companies offering SEO services at affordable prices but for low quality. On the other hand there are many seo companies offering quality SEO services but for a very high price. So it would be beteer for you to serach acompany who is providing good SEO services but at affordable price.
    Search on internet you will find good Offshore SEO companies.

  • Pamala

    What you really need is a reputable firm that does honest SEO work. Never go with a firm that promises instant results as they are impossible to achieve organically. Those who promise instant results are talking about pay-per-click ads, where you pay to be a sponsored link. You don’t need an SEO for that. Just contact Google directly. Also avoid anybody contacting you with broken English. These firms tend to be in India and most of the directories block those IP addresses b/c they spam so often. You want your SEO done within the US.

    Keep in mind that SEO takes time and it tends to cost based on the amount of work required to optimize your site. Check out he site below and you can see what to watch for when choosing an SEO, what to avoid.

    I hope this helps you.

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