Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Niche Site Duel # 006 Traffic Generation Strategy Part 2 This is part 2 of outsourcing your niche traffic generation episode. Here I will show you the backlinking strategies that we do to the top of Google to climb. For more videos and resources like this, visit

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  • Quality content can and is produced by content spinners. It’s all about who is using them and HOW they’re used.

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  • I can only get 35% uniqueness. How do I improve this?

  • Great video tyrone. May I know if it’s possible if I use to post to all at one go.

    This is with regards to the submission to Web 2.0

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  • Great Video but where is part 3 Traffic Generation? I watch part 1 & 2 and on part 3 Tyrone said he would show us how to create 1,000 of backlinks??? I wonder why he skipped part 3? Seems like the most important part to me…

  • Tyrone when I submit a article how would i know If it’s being circulated or do I have to do this myself through advertisement.

  • Thank you very much Tyrone I really enjoyed the material from You Tube doityourselfwiz

  • Hi Tyrone,
    Thank you for all this great information you have to share with us! But, I have a quick question in re to virtual staff. Do you purchase additional software for each of your assistants? Or is there a program where they can access the software from your computer?

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