Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

No Hands SEO Review – 24/7 Backlinking This No Hands SEO review covers some of the most important features of the software, namely how it builds backlinks 24 completely on autopilot. Here’s a short Pro/Con list… Pros: *24/7 link building *Completely hands-free *Posts blog comments, trackbacks, and pings whois sites without any intervention *Auto harvests link targets *Builds AutoApprove lists you can use in ScrapeBox or other posting software *Has a developer who cares and provides great support Cons: *Can use a lot of bandwidth if you have dozens of profiles running *Can’t create profile links (yet) I’ve only been using this software for a few days now, but I’ve already built hundreds of backlinks for my sites with only a couple minutes of setup time. Getting backlinks has always caused many of us headaches. But it doesn’t have to. IF you’re a new marketer to the online scene, the importance of backlinking may be eluding you at this time. So what are backlinks? Backlinks are links that point to your site. The more links that point, the more search engines are alerted that your content is important and are more likely to rate you on first page if enough links overpower your competitors. Two types of backlinks exist, one-way links and reciprocal links. One-way links go only in one direction such as a link that leaves your site to another site or comes from another site to yours. A reciprocal backlink goes both ways, to and from the site pointed to. It seems that one-way backlinks have it over reciprocal ones since these types of links are basically harder to earn and therefore more valuable. Take Google, for example. It’s a growing entity that is constantly learning and changing. It doesn’t only look at keyword optimization but also at a site’s popularity. You get popular by having backlinks pointing to your site. But not all backlinks are created equal. It stands to reason that a link from a site that has no page ranking will certainly not equal a link from a site that has a higher page rank. And that’s why there is a specific strategy that one can follow to ensure that the links you create are from higher page rank sites. Certain criteria do apply when backlinking: • Use proper anchor text in

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