Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Not Very Good Backlink Generation Strategies

These are certain types of websites that are not worth getting a link from.

This will help you prevent wasting a lot of time. It does not mean these backlinks are totally useless. Every backlink is useful, but if you have limited time it is wiser to focus on more better strategies to get backlinks.

Remember that it is better that wehen you get a link, you do not change the anchor text. It is also better if you do not change the link that the anchor text points to. If you get a link with a specific anchor text, pointing to a specific page on your website, do not alter anything.

First of all classified sites are the type of websites you should avoid.

You get links, but your ads have to be renewed every seven, thirty or ninety days. If you do not renew your backlinks are no longer there. Just like I said, when getting backlinks, you want them static, ever lasting and not sometimes your link is up, and other times it is removed.

But what is the reason behind this, you may ask yourself.

A backlinks is good for your website, because it means your website is useful. Now if the specific website removes your link, then it is no longer useful.

Plus most of the time, classified websites do not link directly to your website.

The other type of website you should avoid are FFA sites.

FFA websites, just like classified websites require that you renew your ads, or the backlink is gone. You have to renew, each time using the same anchor text for best results. That is the title of the FFA ad.

Yahoo, MSN or Google groups, are starting to using nofollow tags, or they do not make links clickable. Just like other popular websites like social sites or video sites. So make sure you check before spending some money or time on submission to these type of websites.

If the link is not clickbank, spiders will not count it as a backlink, they will not crawl the link neither. Crawling a website simple means visiting the site. They only treat it as plain text.

Likewise, a link inside a drop down menu or flash will not get crawled because spiders unlike visitors do not read what is inside flash or use the mouse to open the drop down menu.

Most of the social bookmarking websites are also using nofollow tags. So bookmarking your blog posts and so on, is not something you need to spend time on. However there are still some who are still worth submitting to like sites that accepts stories.

So be careful, text links are what you should get, those count as backlinks. There are many ways to get backlinks, so focus on the good ways. There are enough ways to spend all your time on them. How many times have you tried searching for new ways to get backlinks? Remember, you do not have to reinvent the wheel which can be time consuming.

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