Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

OnPage SEO: Complete Guide On How To Do On-Page SEO Optimization {Step-by-step guide} – Click this link to learn how to start 0 + per day Today once home (100% FREE for a limited time). Here is a video I made that will show you everything you need to know about how your On-Page SEO Optimization. It is basically a complete beginner’s guide that will take you from start to finish on how to make your on-page SEO to do. I also quickly discuss on keyword research and a killer source where all the backlinks you’ll ever need! http tools mentioned in the video Niche Finder: All In One SEO Plugin: SEO Link Monster: www.james to Youtube Video:

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  • Thanks… Really glad it’s helped you out!

  • Great f’ing information sir. I am brand new at this stuff and I have literally been working day and night trying to figure things out and your 26 minute video educated the crap out of me. I just subscribed!

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  • No can do I’m afraid as it’s not mine to give away.

  • james i am newbie can u give free download link of niche finder plz i watch ur video and subscribe also so i want to learn seo from u thanks

  • Thanks… Really glad it helped you out.

  • Thank you so much, James. Off all the videos and articles I have read, this has helped me most.

  • In the video I actually show you how to optimize your images. I don’t remember at what point it is but it’s around the middle part of the video.

  • What I’m actually looking for is Image optimization and such I got a Service Website that doesn’t require posting blogs.

  • – Yes, this video is mainly about optimizing your articles for good search engine rankings.

    The other two parts (keyword research and backlinking) arn’t really talked about in the video however I recommend some good resources I use myself with links in the description box.

  • I’m just starting my site, this is just for SEO’ing for articles.

  • Another top class vid mate….

  • @ashqkum I’m pulling in some serious bank (best day so far was $2320). Make sure you get into a sizzling niche ready to buy. Check out this course before the price goes up >

  • Nice! Thank you very much for Sharing!!!!!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn’t it wonderful!!! Keep up the good work. Have A Splendid Day!!!!

    A New Friend

  • Nice

  • Good info, thanks, will implement right away!

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