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Pintrest For B2B Marketing Explained – Also Google’s Authority Rank [5-19-2012]

Pintrest is a trending 1.5 billion dollar social network, and here is a video to explain why it’s important for SEO Backlinking, and the role that Google’s Authority works and why you should be on Google Plus. I express my personal experience using Pintrest, how Authority Rank works, what I dislike about artificial like on social marketing, and other methodologies to get your brand, company, product exposed to the largest possible number of people in specific markets. Please like my video and share the knowledge. Even better, Pin it to Pintrest!. Software or Platforms highlighted are Pintrest, Hootsuite, Google Plus, Linkedin, Google Chrome, Chrometa Time Tracking Software, and more. I show a demo of what Chrometa does and how detailed its data is to help get the most out of your time management. My website: My Google Plus Profile My Facebook:

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