Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

Promotion of your site – backlinking

publicizing your site – backlinking

What are backlinks? Backlinks to put it simply, are links from other websites to your website.

The reason that you apply these links, because the more links to your site the better chance your site has a higher ranking for your keywords. But before you go out and try to spam as many backlinks as you can note that the search engines have wised up to this practice. If your site suddenly has hundreds or thousands of links that draws an immediate red flag that something is rotten. Your keyword rankings will be negatively affected with some certainty.

So, what are good backlinks?

general, a backlink is considered “good” when it meets at least a couple of search engine skills. Search engines have an internal ranking system, such as “good” your backlinks. The three most important criteria of a good link I’ve found are a limited number of links into your content.

(no spam) Linking from one website, who have found based on your own and links within the body of your content.

I avoid the easiest, is punished, just write content that is good enough for people really want to connect is. Easier said than done, but that’s another topic. I myself am a sucker for free things you can not go wrong with the offer downloads or whatever it is that you think are related to your website for free

I usually use the Google Toolbar to help to figure out if a link is “good.” The toolbar has hand little feature that tells you the page rank of website that you are. This is not a guarantee but I think it’s a pretty good indicator of his.

How can I find them?

Look for sites that are relevant to your own and try this site or sites that link to your web page.

Most of the time you need a link back to them as well to consider so.

Another great method is to get your site to related directory, the file relevant to your website. There are many who are a lot of directory sites. A simple search should find tons. But not every spam list you will find. Also ensure that they are related to your niche or you are just wasting your time and the time the person that the site directory.

My personal favorite and the one who gathers the best results for me, the article submission sites. Just write a quality article with some links to your site and the search engines in general, you find very quickly. As the directory sites, there are a lot of article submission sites. When searching for an article submission site strive always quality over quantity. “Shot gunning” start an article to hundreds of article sites tend to be backward.

Finally, a few quick and easy methods to start either an appropriate blog or comment on related blogs. Posting in forums is like a good way to get back link as well.

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