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SEO- different products, different keywords?

chad b asked:

I am learning how to do SEO myself for my new website, and I am having trouble understanding something- Being that each product page on your website will have different keywords based on the individual products, how does your website get known for a specific keyword if every page has a different one(s)? Also- I notice that most websites about SEO talk about how it theoretically works, but not much actual application of methods or some step-by-step help. Are there any out there?


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  • Valda

    Google ranks individual pages not collections of pages (websites). It is important therefore to have different elements and different descriptions for each page.

    There are only two reliable and up to date professional tutorials on the subject of SEO that I know of and

    Beware – 99% of what you read on the web as far as SEO is concerned is recycled crap.

  • Velma

    is a very cool resource for small business internet marketing. I have used some of their suggestions on a site I manage:

    I have found their stuff accessible and do-able. Specifically, focusing on 2-3 keyword/phrases per page. And not trying to be all keywords for all pages.

  • Lawanda

    As mentioned above in some form, each page of a website will rank on its own merit, thus each page should have a unique keyword focus.

    Most search optimization input you will receive online, whether it’s here or on a webmaster blog or in a forum, is simply people repeating what they’ve read on some other blog or forum without any real-world application or experience to back it up.

    Personally, I like the “copy cat” search optimization methodology.. . . see what your top-ranking competitors are doing & do it better than them. This isn’t the only approach to take, and it’d be narrow-minded to only try to outrank the competition that you could think of, but it’s a start & a solid plan.

    I like Bruce Clay’s website:

    As far as finding a “standardized” search optimization manual, you won’t find it. Each website is (should be) unique & different keyword markets have different needs. Search engine optimization needs to be tackled on a personal, or “per case” basis as what works for my website might not work at all for yours.

  • Ira

    Check out SEO Godfather, you can find at it helps optimize my site automatically. I’ve been using it a few weeks and I’m starting to see results.
    Good Luck!

  • Cierra

    try this

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