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SEO: How To Link Build?

docbaseball2003 asked:

My question is how do SEO services offer link building to clients for a cheap price? I noticed many clients do not want links from web directories, article directories, forum postings,social bookmarketing or blogs. They also ask that the links be added for free. So how the heck do you get these links?


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  • Providencia

    You have to assure the clients that the link building you are doing from directories, article directories, social bookmarking etc. are from QUALITY sites. They perhaps have had a bad experience when SEOers use close to spam tactics to get their links out there. If you find deep linking High PR sites like those to build their links from, that is pretty much the main way to do it. Not sure how else they expect to build links. As an SEO firm, we do link building for ourselves and post on high ranking blogs, do article marketing, online press release writing (with optimized content that has links as well) and more. There’s really not any other way to linkbuild.

    Free link building can be done free when you do social bookmarking and blog comments (not spammy ones). Other forms of quality link building may require a little bit of money.

  • Krystin


    I think Brick marketing answered your question. Just adding to his answer link building is not quantity, Its about quality.
    One of the best and newest link building is through video marketing. You can have a video and bring lots of traffic to your web site.

    Kind regards

  • Houston

    Backlinks increases traffic. Just think of all inbound links as a
    commercial on the web that drives web users to your site.
    Backlinks are that effective. If TV advertisements were that effective you would literally see a commercial and be instantly transported to a fast-food restaurant, car dealership or fashion shop. Get back links anyway you can by link exchanging or just asking someone to place your link on their site. There is a lot of misinformation about
    link exchanging on the net. Do not believe it.

  • Kristal

    No one really answered your question here.

    Most link building SEO’s and agencies have developed relationships with other sites or network of sites for link building. Personally, I offer to add quality websites to my link building team in exchange for good inbound links especially of the website operator has many websites.

    They get many more links from the relationship than I get from them but we both are happy.

  • Grace

    Frankly, most clients would want SEO links for free. Fret not. I have with me here a free ebook written by the world’s number 1 SEO expert. He offers a good comprehensive hands-on course on SEO optimisation. Your clients will be impressed

    Here’s the link :


    I have read it from page to page for 6 times and I am amazed still by how much new things I am digesting. Brad is really that good. 🙂


  • Weston

    Try the free Servie Below (worked for me)

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