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Someones stealing my info!?

Early last year I started my own online business selling skirting boards, fitting etc.. and I hired a freelancer to do the work and set everything up etc.. Anyhow my Freelancer bought the domain name for me using my personal details, and bought the software, maintained the website etc.. and I paid him a good wage. Then once the business started to grow, he held me to ransom of £5000 to buy the domain name off him and to keep my business going. As you can imagine I was shocked and angry, but I refused to pay. So he decided to turn the domain name off, leaving me in serious trouble. Luckily the firm he bought the system off helped me and had a back up of everything on my website. They set me a website up using a new domain name, and configured all my information and products onto the site, and I have began trading again.

Now, 2 things,

1) The firm did a load of Online Marketing for my company, so this guy has started the website himself and is boasting page 1 on all the major search engines because of all the backlinking and strategies that I PAID FOR on my original domain.

2) He’s copied my website information word for word, including all the pictures etc.. and is using it on his website. It’s annoying me because I’m losing a lot of business, but he’ll keep copying everything!

Is there anyway I can nail this guy for breach of copyright, or has anyone any legal ideas apart from giving him a good slap!

Thanks guys, any help would be much appreciated!

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  • Contact an Attorney right away.Good Luck

  • Sounds like a good case for an attorney too handle.

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