Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

The Challenge: Module 7/Day 5 – Backlink Strategy

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Dan Raine tells of backlinks for the challenge. Read more here:

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  • hmm, alright guys, to get backlinks like with posterous, you can signup to pixelpipe, pingfm, hellotxt, socialadr and onlywire, then make posts that get outside there, so you can do that daily and get like that about 10 backlinks per day, i think that should work for you, skype me: mikula_bc

  • There good video Dan. I really like who you broke it all down. I will be sharing this with friends.

  • great post

  • Don’t be a tool . Comment on blogs and forums with relevance.

  • My thoughts on being niche relevant….
    In many top ranking categories I run the 3 top sites thru Yahoo Explorer and the top sites have tons of backlinks on tons of forums and blogs in every niche you can imagine. Seems like he who has the most backinks wins!

  • EXACTLY! You could just fire up xrumer and do a blast on your competitors and eliminate all your competition that way. There’s no way that what he said is true.

  • hi dan, great video – can you please clarify your comment about once you establish your frequency of creating links, you must maintain that forever or you will lose your ranking.

    call me silly, but if this was the case, i could pay someone to throw 2000 crappy links at my competitor in 1 week and shortly after they would drop rank.

    i can’t see how google could exclude malice activity like this. If this was the case people would be trying to hurt other’s websites on purpose.

  • Thank you Dan – I also did not know to try and get back-links for the feeder sites. That definitely makes sense now and I will implement that! Your overview of the entire back-linking strategy is excellent!

  • I esp. like the strategy of getting backlinks to individual articles on our main niche site, plus getting backlinks to our feeder sites. Great content Dan!

  • Great advise Dan – Well Done!

  • Yeah – first comment. Great stuff Dan

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