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The company I work for is currently looking for a good SEO company to work with?

smilestoomuch asked:

We are looking for a good quality company that doesn’t make unreal promises and offers good prices. We have spoken with Roanoke Tech Corp. does anyone know if they are any good?


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  • Bianca

    I know one company in Palo Alto, CA . it is, chek it out.

  • Bill

    U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Files Fraud Charges Against Roanoke Technology Corp. (announced december 21, 2005)

    I wouldn’t trust them…. See the link below for the full article.

    I worked closely with SEO at a previous job. In fact it was a large part of my job. I worte programs to help the SEO staff do their job. Personally speaking, a lot of work may have to be done on a website for SEO to work. I know the comapny I worked for made unreal promises in this regard.

    If you want to talk to someone who has personal experience with SEO, for advice, feel free to email me and I’ll do what I can to help you, and your company, move in the right direction.

  • Grady

    You know, the company I work for has gone through two SEO companies and they are both mostly full of BS. The problem is that Google, Yahoo and the rest don’t share their code with other people. This means that any SEO company you go with knows exactly as much about the search engines as you do – absolutely nothing.

    There are two tips that you need to follow – get other, related, companies to link to your site and improve the text content of your site. Doing these two things will improve your rank as much or more than anything an SEO company can recommend. If you do want to go with one, make sure it is one that will write sample copy for you, and make sure you don’t go with one that makes the, very empty, promise of first page ranking.

  • Marni

    I have worked with iCrossing in the past and currently do so. I love their work and they are reasonablt priced.

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