Backlinking SEO: Getting the most out of your back links and back linking strategy

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important

Everyone wants traffic to their website. However, most people don’t know what it takes to get traffic. It’s a simple process, contrary to what the gurus will tell you. All you have to do is find good keywords, write quality content based on those keywords and then build backlinks to that content.

This is where most people drop the ball. They think if they write it people will come. This just isn’t true. What makes your content any better than the next guy’s What makes Google or any other search engine chooses to show your site in the search engine results as opposed to your neighbor’s

The answer is links. The number of people, places, sites that are linking to your content is what makes the difference between whether your site shows up in the search engine results or someone else’s. Now you just need to know what backlinks are and how to get them.

The first question is very simple, and what I will be dealing with in this article. Backlinks, simply put, are links pointing back to your site or a page on your site. Backlinks can happen in any number of ways. You can write something amazing other people like and want to tell people about and they link to you. You can take the process in your own hands and send out articles or make comments on blogs. There are of course, differing degrees of value between backlinks.

Google counts all the backlinks you have to your site. Some links it gives more weight to, others it gives less to. You will be wise to take on a link building strategy that involves both quality and quantity because both are important. You want to get backlinks from high page rank sites, Google likes these and gives you a little more credit for them. You also want to get links from directories, and other quantity type places. Although Google doesn’t give you as much credit for these you certainly get credit for having a lot of backlinks to your site.

The best possible backlink you can get is one where you have your chosen keyword in the anchor text of the link. This means if you had words in a sentence that someone could click on to go somewhere else, these would be your keywords. This is important because you are trying to rank in the search engine for specific keywords. Each time you have a link with a certain keyword or some derivation of it, you get credit. So never, never, write a link and have the words you click on be “click here” that’s a ridiculous waste of a backlink, unless, of course you are linking to someone you don’t want to give a backlink to.

You can link within your own site, from free places like squidoo and hubpages. There are a million places to get backlinks to your site. It can be the most boring part of online marketing, but if you don’t do it you will never find yourself number one in google and getting all that traffic.

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