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what is keyword research in seo?

Mr. Ram Babu an SEO Professional asked:

i know the meaning of it complete but still need to look for more tips on it for become master keyword analyzer
rambabu seo prof.


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  • Shenna

    To find those keywords that you want your main contents to be focused around.

  • Charlie

    It is basically doing keyword research to identify the niche where you can break into the competition. So you have to do this, to get into serps easily.

  • Clarita

    you can use the google adwords keyword tool for keyword research. you basically type in the keyword you are looking for and it will give you the number of searches per month for that phrase. it also gives you advertising competition for adwords, but if you aren’t using adwords, just ignore that column.

  • Lindsey

    Keyword research is very important as search engines rank websites according to keywords. Keyword research in SEO has become almost an art form.

    Researching root keywords like “internet” and “marketing” separately, for instance, may provide you with more options than when researching the combination “internet marketing”.

    Primary keywords as those which you want to rank for initially as they are relatively less competitive. For example, “internet marketing for beginners”. Secondary keywords are those you want to rank for but not quite ready to compete with yet. like “internet marketing”.

    In your articles, you might want to mix primary and secondary keywords.

    Keywords like a particular brand name and model are called buyer keywords. Those searching for them are most likely to buy.

    Keywords that includes terms like “fast” are impulse keywords, meaning that the searcher is in dire need of something.

    Keywords that imply “guide” are list keywords, which they are good for list-building as the searchers can be made to opt-in with a free guide or report.

    Researching keywords is important in determining the profitability of a niche market. By using the Google AdWords free keyword tool, for example, you can know the search popularity of a keyword and how many potential competitors are using it.

    You can also enhance your AdSense income by looking for and using HCPC keywords.

  • Rigoberto

    Keyword research is kind of what sets the best SEOs apart from people who “do SEO.”

    The easiest ways to find keywords and search volume are to use tools like the Google Adwords Keywords tools, but that isn’t really rocket science.

    One site that provides keyword reports that I feel is undervalued, and therefore underused, is Google Insights. Great tool there to get trending keywords over 7 days, 90 days, and in specific regions if you are geotargeting. I’ll include the link below.

  • Elenore

    The long tail high converting keyword is the holy grail of seo. The only way to find out which keywords are profitable is to use either seo or ppc to place a site in front of people who are performing that search. If you are getting high clickthroughs and conversions great, if not, move on to greener pastures.

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